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What is Masai Mara Safari?

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Masai mara safari is a trip or a journey to Masai mara national reserve, located Naroko County. ‘’Masai Mara’’ are two words that refer to the ‘’spotted’’ Land of the ‘’Masai’’ community. This is a community in both Kenya and Tanzania. Masai mara is the land belonging to the Maasai community in Narok County, in Kenya.

Basically Masai Mara reserve belongs to the Masai community of Narok county, Kenya. It is a communal land that has been defined as a National reserve. Though it belongs to them, it is a national heritage that hosts a myriad of wildlife species.

So a safari to Masai mara is journey to this special National reserve in Masai land. It is one of the most famous wildlife areas, not only in Kenya, but worldwide. It has been said that it is the best place to see lions in the wilds, in their natural habitat. But here you don’t see lions only; you see such a big variation of species, from glazers, browsers, and carnivores. Others are nocturnal and rarely seen especially because some areas night drives are strictly forbidden.

Almost all safaris in Kenya end up touching Masai mara national reserve, and rightly so. Furthermore, it is one of the parks in Kenya that has the biggest concentration of wildlife. Be ready to count more than 20 different species in just one hour of game drives.

The Masai community, who share this park with the wildlife, have such a rich culture, and you cannot talk of Masai Mara and leave the community out. They are one of the smaller communities in Kenya. But because of their long term resistance to change, they have become the most famous tribes of all, especially in the tourism sector. Their attachment to livestock is one that is admirable, because they value their livestock more than anything else.

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