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Lake Turkana Safari

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Lake Turkana Trip

Day 1: Nairobi-Nanyuki

Day 2: Nanyuki-Ngurunit

Day 3 Ngurunit

Day 4: Ngurunit -Loiyangani

Day 5: Loiyangalani

Day 6: loiyangalani

Day 7: Loiyangalani-Samburu

Day 8: Samburu

Day 9: Samburu-Nairobi

Boat safaris in Lake Turkana
Lake Turkana safari, boating in the lake

Lake Turkana safari, the Crandle of mankind

In the middle of the hot, scotching sun of the Northern frontier is Lake Turkana, Formerly lake Rudolf. It is also commonly called the Jade sea, because of the greenish-blue color. This color comes from the algae, giving the lake a magnificent jade. It is the largest desert lake in the world. It is shared by Kenya and Ethiopia, but only a small portion is outside Kenya.

An Oasis in the Desert
Palm Trees in Lake Turkana

It is Kenya’s sixth world heritage site

The  lake is 30 meters deep, 250 km long and 32 km at its widest point.

The lake is a host to a huge concentration of crocodiles and fish species. It is no wonder that lake Turkana is a such a rich source of income to the communities living here, by supplying fish to neighboring counties and even at times to Nairobi. The fish is dried, smoked and taken to the market.

Birders have a great time here, at the South and North Islands, including Sibiloi National park.

Turkana county placed itself in the world map many years ago because of many archaeological and paleoanthropological findings, many dating back millions of years ago.

Here you will find a significant mix of cultures of the Samburu, Turkana, El molo (the smallest community in Kenya), Arial, Somali, Redille, Gabra, Pokot and lately many Kikuyus who come to do business.

The Desert, Lake Turkana
The Desert

Lake Turkana safari is not a regular safari, it is an adventure of a life time. It is a journey that requires both mental and physical readiness because of the many hours one sits in the vehicle. Although breaks are slotted in our itineraries, it is by no means for the faint heart. But when the lake opens up in front of you, the feeling of accomplishment is second to none: you have dared to cross the rough terrains, conquered, and the Jade sea is just in front of you.

Safari cruiser, Lake Turkana
The desert Beast

The National Museums of Kenya holds the world’s largest collection of human pre-history, the longest and most complete record spanning over 27 Million years. Among other findings in Lake Turkana dating back millions of years is the famous Turkana boy. It is no wonder then Turkana has been named as the Cradle of mankind, because we humans can trace back fossil findings in Turkana that proves we humans existed there millions of years back.

Lake Turkana safari itinerary

Day 1:

This is our introduction to our adventure safari. Departure from Nairobi will be early, soon after early breakfast. The more time we have on our hands the better. Our recommendation is departure at 7.00am. You will get to Nanyuki by midday and lunch will be served by your accompanying cook. In the afternoon, enjoy your game drive which will include a visit to the Chimpanzee sanctuary and come face to face with a rhino. Other wildlife in this ranch include white rhinos, elephants, buffalos. But our main emphasis will be both the black rhinos and white rhinos. And how to differentiate them. Dinner by the camp site enjoying the open air.

Day 2:

A delicious breakfast will be served by our safari cook and soon after break camp. All camping equipment will be loaded and your journey to Ngurunit will start. Our comping site is sheltered in the rocky hills of Ngurunit.  Your local Turkana guide will be waiting to walk with you and into the beautiful rocky hills. A natural swimming pool will be waiting for you. It is such a relaxing moment after a walk in the hot temperatures. Ngurunit is one of the best places to set camp. Stars will be lighting your surrounding, while the camp cook will be preparing your meals.

Day 3:

Full day in Ngurunit. Take a walk with the local guide. Ngurunit area is still untouched by civilization. Although mobile phones are already there, the rest of the traditional way of life is alive. You will enjoy meeting and walking with local community as you visit both their area and traditions.

Day 4:

Break camp early in the morning and soon after breakfast you start for the long awaited journey to the Jade sea. The blue-green waters of lake Turkana is what we all await to see. The journey is long, it is tiresome, but its also a lot of fun with such a superb feeling of adventure. And it is an adventure of a lifetime.

You will make a lunch break enroute. Then proceed through the famous windmills of Turkana, a project initiated to supplement electricity supply to the national power grid. Cross over and start your descent into the lake, which will open in front of you as you progress. It is an overwhelming site, and the feeling of conquering will be so exiting. Upon arrival set camp in Loiyangalani, the place of trees. Afternoon at leisure as the sun will be scotching hot.

Day 5:

Full day at Loiyangalani. Early morning walk to the rock paintings that date back to millions of years. The walk in the desert will be such a relive from the sitting hours of travel. Head back to camp and relax by the palm trees of your camp before its too hot. The cool breeze in the late afternoon hours of the day will be a thing to look forward to every day.

Lunch will be served. In the afternoon visit the museum by the lake side. Soon after, we will do sundowner by the lake. Then head to camp for dinner and overnight. It is important to note that it is sometimes windy in the night.

Day 6:

A day full of activities. A drive into the Chalbi desert to visit the real arid desert of Turkana. Later visit the Elmolo tribe, a  small community that is on the verge of extinction through inter marriages and other factors. Largerly they are fishermen and men spend most their time fishing.

A boat ride also to visit some of the islands and enjoy some of  the El molo culture by visiting the Sacred shrines of the community. Time allowing, do a sundowner by the lake for the final evening in Loiyangalani.  Dinner at the campsite.

Day 7:

Breakfast at camp, and depart for the ride to Archers post, your destination. This will be our unwinding place.  Picnic lunch enroute. Samburu is a Slightly cooler, almost no wind compared to Loiyangalani.  Our camp will be by the river side. Afternoon at leisure. Meals at the camping site.

Day 8:

Early morning drive in Samburu game reserve. Breakfast will be served at the campsite. Mid- morning drive will be optional. A relaxed lunch will be served. You will later on in the afternoon enjoy another game drive. Dinner in the camp.

Day 9:

After breakfast, depart for your journey back to Nairobi. You will be dropped at the airport or your hotel/destination within Nairobi.
End of your Lake Turkana safari*