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Is Kenya safe to travel?

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Is Kenya safe to travel?

This is a question that lingers in many travellers minds.

There isn’t a simple yes or no. I will explain…

In every situation, especially when traveling to Africa, an inherent risk is involved.

Many have travelled with no incidences, and if you ask them, they will say Kenya is safe to travel. And it is….


But, there exists some form of crimes especially in the big towns and cities. Usually these are petty crimes of snatching bags and jewels. Although there has been a great improvement in security, it goes without saying, be safe and just don’t carry unnecessary stuff that you don’t need. For example, necklaces, jewels and expensive watches. That is if you plan to visit such towns and cities.


Avoid travels in the night, or poorly lit areas. You will notice that some places even the locals do not venture into, like back streets. You too, avoid such places. Where possible, always arrange your travels to be during the day time hours.


While in the national parks, you will rarely hear of any such incidences, but still use your head and be safe: do not travel with too much money in cash. Credit card can be used in almost any tourist resort. Besides, banks are available in very many areas, and you can always use an ATM machine to get some cash if your run out.


Travel with a reputable company with professional safari guides, they play a big role in guiding you about areas you may want to venture into, outside of your planned wildlife itinerary.


There have been some incidences of terror attacks in the past years, but that makes Kenya not different of bombings in London and in the USA. So it will be wrong to judge Kenya in those past attacks, especially because of such occurrences in the other cities worldwide.

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