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You have worked so hard to make your wedding a nice show. You have ran helter skelter to find the best suppliers. Everyday is a full time job till your special day is complete. To the letter. The day is finally here. And very soon, the day you have worked so hard to make complete just ends. It is your turn now to relax, and start your lives. Just the two of you. No better way to start it than a nice honeymoon package, away from all the noise, friends, relatives, add the list, new relatives. A honeymoon package that will relax you back, and make your fresh start, really fresh.

You have scratched your head looking for the perfect ground, that is convinient for everyone. You have looked for the perfect decor company. Not to mention best priced in relation to what they offer. And as if that is not enough, you have searched for the right DJs, photographers, transporters. But to crown it all, the catering company has to be just the right one. In short, we all come to enjoy the fun of the wedding, to dance and eat. And offcourse to see and gossip a bit how the bride was dressed.

Choose from a variety of packages, you can customize a package to your taste and choice of places to visit.

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