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The Awer people live in Lamu and Ijara districts. They are called Boni, meaning people of a lower caste system, by the Somali neighbors. They are hunters and gatherers and live in the Boni and Dodori Forest Reserves.


The Turkana tribe is a nomadic pastoralist people that inhabit Turkanaland in northwest Kenya – a vast tract of land encompassing mostly thorn scrub and semi desert, representing one of the harshest regions of Africa.


Tharaka occupy the low plains between the slopes of Mount Kenya in the west and the upper Tana River in the east. Their history of immigration dates back to the spread of the Bantu people. There are about 100,000 in population.


The Iteso, plural are an ethnic group in Uganda (eastern) and Kenya (western). In Kenya they live in Teso District and are part of a group that migrated from Ethiopia around 1600 A.D. and split into two branches,


The Giriama(Agiryama) people are Bantus living along the coastal areas of kenya mostly found in the Kilifi and Malindi district. They are of the nine ethic groups that makeup the mijikenda and they are the largest of


The Taita tribe (also called Wataita) is a Kenyan tribe that is located in the Taita-Taveta District. They speak Taita which belongs to the Bantu languages. The West-Bantu moved to the area of the Taita-Taveta district firs


The Segeju are an ethnic and linguistic group based on the northeast coast of Tanzania, between Tanga and the Kenyan border. Segeju population was estimated to number fewer than 15,000 in year 2003 with less than 7000


The Samburu are semi nomadic people who inhabit an arid region in northern Kenya they belong to the Maa speaking group of people. They have traditionally herdeded cattle, though lately some have taken up farming.


The Rendille are a Cushitic tribe that inhabits the climatically harsh region between Marsabit hills and Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya where they neighbor the Borana, Gabbra, Samburu and Turkana tribes.


The Taveta tribe is one of the Bantu ethnicities in south central Kenya in East Africa’s Taveta district inhabiting mainly the lands between Tsavo National Park, and the Tanzania border, up to the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.


The Pokomo live along the Tana River in Kenya. Since arriving here from the north after being driven south by wars in the 17th century, they have made their lives within the flood plain, developing their agriculture and fishing


The Orma are semi-nomadic herders who live in the semi-arid bush lands of south-eastern Kenya. The tribe has a population of about 70,000 people .They are related to the Borana and other Oromo groups. The Orma language is


Ogiek people are classified under the Nilo-hamatic speakers Ogiek people have a language called Ogiek. Ogiek people have language considered to be having both Maasai and Kalenjin people words but with an absolute different dialect


It is a small tribe closely related to the Kikuyu and Meru tribes. The Embu tribe lives on the south-eastern side of Mount Kenya, and is very closely related to a nearby tribecalled the Mbeere. They are approximately half a


The Duruma people are one of the nine Mijikenda (‘nine towns’) tribes of Kenya. They live on the Indian Ocean coast, along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway south to the Tanzania border. The Duruma tribe evolved in the 17th


Dahalo is an endangered South Cushitic language. They inhabit the Kenyan coast near the mouth of Tana River. They are about 400 people who are able to speak the language. It is unlikely that children are still being taught


The Chamus (Njemps) people speak the Samburu language and are often counted as Samburu people. They are about19046 in population.The Chamus (Njemps) lives in Baringo. Njemps are unique people who are the only pastoral


The Mijikenda tribe is a composite tribe. Mijikenda means “the nine cities” as this tribe is actually made up of 9 separate ethnic groups of people: the Kauma, Chonyi, Jibana, Giriama, Kamabe, Ribe, Rabai, Duruma and Digo.


The Mbeere people are a Kenya tribe very similar to the Embu the oral history indicates that the two tribes were originally one Embu tribe. The Mbeere split from the Embu after an inter-clan war which the Embu clan won.


Meru tribe or Merus are Bantu ethnic group who reside on the rich agricultural north eastern slopes of Mount Kenya in the Eastern province of Kenya since the 17 century. They are approximately 1.5 million in population.


It is a sub-tribe of the larger Kalenjin group with an estimated population of 200 000. It is made up of the sub-dialects namely; Almoo, Cherangany (Sengwer or Kimaala), Endoow, Markweta (the sub-dialect giving rise to the


The Maasai are arguably the only ethnic group in Kenya that brings the real picture and symbol of ‘tribal’ Kenya. They are very famous and have a unique culture which has been preserved and conserved for centuries. They are


The Luo people live in the west of Kenya on the shore of Lake Victoria. They form the third largest ethnic group in Kenya from Kikuyu and Luhya and dominate Nyanza province in Kenya and also can be found in Eastern Uganda and


The Luhya (also Luyia, Luhia, Abaluhya) are the second largest ethnic group in Kenya, numbering about 5.3 million people. The Luhya are made up of about 16 sub-ethnic groups in Kenya, the most dominant groups being the:


The Kuria are an ethnic and linguistic group resident in the Tarime and Serengeti districts of the Mara region in Northern Tanzania, and the west and east districts of Nyanza Province in southwest Kenya with 213,000 living


The Kikuyu are Bantus. They came to Kenya during the Bantu migration. They include some families from all the surrounding people and can be identified with the Kamba, the Meru, the Embu and the Chuka


The Kalenjins are estimated to have a population of about 2.7 million people according to 1993 census. They are an ethnic grouping of eight culturally and linguistically related groups or “tribes”. These include; the


The Isukha are considered a smaller sub-group of the Luhya tribe, which is the 2nd largest ethnic group in Kenya. They speak Wanga language a dialect of the main Luhya language. They leave in western part of Kenya near


Modernly known as the kisii people are Bantu together with the Kamba, Meru and Kikuyu. They speak the language of Kisii or as commonly known as ekegusii among the native speakers. The Meru in Eastern province are closely


The Gabbra are an Eastern Cushitic people related to the Somali-Rendille in their historical background having originated in the southern Ethiopian highlands about 1000AD. The Gabbra are closely related both historically


The little known El molo tribe is the smallest tribe in Kenya living on the southeastern shore of Lake Turkana. El molo’s total population is about 4000 people but pure Elmolo people are very few. The name El molo came from


The Digo are a Bantu tribe concentrated on the southern coastal strip of Kenya between Mombasa and the border of Tanzania and are actually grouped together with eight other tribes. Together these tribes make up the Mijikenda,

Kenya safari packages


4 Day Masai Mara safari

This safari is just perfect for you if you have a few days to spare or simply a few days off from the office.  A get-away safari that gets you close to wilds of Masai Mara.

8 Day Kenya Holiday Safari

This is one of the most favored safari packages.  For a full 8 days you criss- cross the most famous national parks of Kenya.  whats more, the trip is not limited to 8 days. You can add a few days or less them, to tailor make it to suit you.

Mount Kenya: Naru Moru Route

The most straightforward routes for trekking mount Kenya. You will enjoy trekking this route as you listen to the chirping of birds, the whistling f bamboo as pass through the various vegetation belts of Mt Kenya.

13 Day Camping And Beach

Probably the most adventurous Kenya safari.  It is also the most flexible safari because you move with all your equipment. If you are looking for a real adventure into the wilds of Kenya, and ready to with your sleeping bag, this is specifically designed for you.

Mount Longonot

Mount Longonot is a young and dominating sight that rises 2,776 meters above sea level in the the Great Rift Valley.  A trek to Mt Longonot is a perfect fit into your itinerary. Break the monotony of sitting in the vehicle during the long drives, and stretch for a day.

4 Days Mombasa Tsavo Mombasa

Mzima springs supplies a lot of water to the coastal region. It is a four-series springs that feed the coast from under the Chyulu hills.  Klipspringers can sometimes be seen standing erect on the rocky outcrops of Tsavo.  The beautiful views the hilly pack is one meant to mesmerize you. and make your stay so much worthwhile.

Manyara Ngorongoro Tarangire

Ngorongoro is a world famous caldera, and a must-do while in Tanzania.  that combine the beauty and richness of Lake Manyara and Tarangire, your safari holiday is just but a complete safari package.  Tarangire got its name from river Tarangire that feeds the park. It is along this river also, that you will have a best bet for rich wildlife.

Camping In Kenya

There is not other safari that brings you so down and close to nature than camping safari.  Camping trip rekindles  memories of the old-age that reminds you how our forefathers lived in harmony with wildlife. Enjoy the stories from the safari guides by the open fire, while you sip a cold Kenyan beer.  And most of the times, you are lucky to have an invited guests, only that the smoke from the fire keeps them at bay.

11 Days Kenya Tanzania

Both Kenya and Tanzania are a home to a  myriad species.  Add on to it the super diverse cultures of both the countries.  From wildlife, way of living, different foods, different political shaping, you will get to learn so much that at the end of the day, you will have absorbed so much.  Whats more, you can either fly between the two countries or just drive.

Israel Pilgrim Trip

The spiritual trip. This a walk into the Biblical history, where you will visit the many sacred places in Israel, the promised land of milk and honey.  A Israel has such a wide variety of milk products, despite the country being in an arid region. It is here that you will also get to see the so advanced agricultural technology. But despite that, flip your Bible as you visit the holy sites, as indicated in you Bible.

4 Day Zanzibar Holiday

This 4 day tour of Zanzibar explores the dark and sobering history of slavery that makes up so much of whatZanzibar was. It is such a historical ancient city that dates back to the days of early traders including spice farmers.  Zanzibar hosts such beautiful beaches and great water sports. Besides, food here is also amazingly great, with various flavors from the different backgrounds. A walk into stone town is an absolute thing to do.

7 Day Apes Circuit

Armed with your cameras, binoculars, some boots, you will be ready to explore this forest in search of the Gorillas. As your guide will tell you, be ready for some walking and keeping your voices low, we will be ready to walk into the impenetrable Bwindi forest.  The guides will be with you to make sure you have their field experience till you meet one-on-one with the Gorillas.

6 Days Pemba Holiday

Zanzibar Archipelago…. Pemba is part of the what is referred to as Zanzibar Archipelago. It is on the  Swahili coast of the Indian Ocean.  Very green and lots of cloze plantations, Pemba makes you feel ‘I wanna live here’.. For a historian, this just great for you, because Pemba is such an old Island with historical ruins that you can visit. For birders, you will not be left out as birds abound here.  And you, the ‘beaching’ party, you will be at  home along the beaches here.

3 Day Bwindi Gorillas

The mountain Gorillas are such a beautiful site to see. However, it requires some effort from your side, some prior preparation, which we will guide you all the way to the end, till you see them.  For many, the search has been.. ‘I want to see a silver back’.  Nothing is more satisfying than the feel of the mildly cold air filling your lungs with such richness of unpolluted air as you start your trek.

8 Days Omo Valley

Omo valley is located in the great rift valley, Ethiopia part. It is such a rich valley in terms of the varieties that share this habitat, both humans and wildlife. Omo river is the main source of water supply, though it empties into lake Turkana in Kenya.  The valley has such diverse cultures because of the many different ethnic cultures that live here.  It is such a special place, that you should not miss while in Ethiopia.

11 Days Israel Pilgrim trip

The holy land pilgrim trip.  The promise land of the Israelite was declared a Jewish state in 1948 after the expiration of the British mandate. But Biblical times dates back to thousands of years back. It is those times that you will be revisiting as your guides show you the different regions as named on your Bible and how they came to be, and what is left of them today.

Ethiopia Safari

While each country has its roots and history, Ethiopia probably has the richest history in Africa. Dating back to Biblical days, the mentioning of Queen of Sheba’s visit to Israel, and Menelik 1 being the son of King Solomon.  And according legendary history, the two of them Founded Ethiopia. Be ready for such historical stories for the guides.

Kenya Budget Safaris

You don’t have to break your bank to enjoy a rich Kenyan safari. Kenya budget holiday is a package that you can customize to take you to either Masai mara, Samburu, Amboseli and even other parks for a pocket friendly budget. Our field experience will be at your service to help you customize a trip that you will treasure for ever, for an affordable budget.